Monday, August 20, 2007

How to spend your time in the boring office?

Why we need to work?For money?For accomplishment?For future?
I do not know your answers.Nevertheless, there's a truth, if you are not rich,then you gotta work for people. You might spend more times with your colleagues rather than your loved one (your loved one might be your colleagues, who knows?!).Therefore, 8 hours(or more than that) in front of your office table, what you gonna do?
(1) do your work, do not waste time, increase productivity
(2) chatting using MSN or Skype or YM or anything you want
(3) clean up your resume
(4) blogging(that's what I am doing)
(5) discuss movies in forums
(6) e-shopping
(7) cut and "decorate" your finger nails
(8) call your boyfriend/girlfriend
(9) sending and receiving sms
(10) eating
Not en0ugh?What else?

How to handle the colleague you hate when you are leaving a company?

There will always be some person in your company that you hate very much and you can't do anything with it while you are still working there.However, have you ever thought of how to "treat" them if you are resigning from the company?
(1) scratch the car
(2) point at their noise and start scolding when you are about the leave the office on your last
(3) write extremely bad comments about them in the Exit Interview Form
(4) mess up the tables with some rubbish
(5) spoil the sitting place "fengshui"

Pls do not do the above-mentioned. The world is very small.Always "treat" people with a smile, who knows he/she might be your superior in the future?
You might think I have too much time, you are the same as you are reading my blog.